A brief history of Greencastle Community Association 

Greencastle Community Centre Association (GCCA) was formed in 1988 to help Greencastle Football Club manage the non-club activities taking place at the community hall. As workload increased at the community centre club members and community volunteers came together forming a group to help contribute to the running costs by availing of grants and fundraising activities.

In 2000 The Greencastle Community Centre Association (GCCA) changed its name to Greencastle Community Association (GCA) as it best represented the activities and aspirations of the Association.

In 2006 the GCA applied to HRMC for Charitable Status and after a few meetings and changes to the Constitution the Charitable Status became effective On the 1st of November 2006.

From its formation the GCA has contributed immensely to the running of the Community Centre. Working closely with the local community, local authorities, voluntary and other organisations gaining numerous grants and through fundraising events it has maintained and updated the Centre providing adequate facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation for all age groups.

Present day

At present the GCA manage all non-club activities and events i.e – birthday parties, funerals, other fundraising events at a small cost. Contact via email greencastlecommunity@gmail.com